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What does a UFO cult have in common with the Kony2012 campaigners?

I was looking for coverage of Raelians (the UFO cult), and found this.

Published in Pambazuka News, a pan-African news community: "White saviours, black victims: An old story" (March 21, ‘12)


If we search for commonalities amongst white saviours, predatory religious movements are high on the list, whether evangelicals such as The Call or The Family, or the Raelian UFO cult, founders of Clitoraid. Their story goes like this. The Raelians’s leader was ‘contacted by another planet and asked to establish an embassy to welcome the aliens back to earth’. To this end they are required to build a welcome temple for their returnees from outer space in 2035. Now this costs money, and souls must be found to work towards building the temple and a country to host the embassy. I suspect that the Clitoraid project in Burkina Faso is their cover for establishing this landing spot - I am aware that this sounds like a conspiracy theory but read their mission first.

Which brings me to the second and third commonalities of saviour projects - narcissism and deceit, which can be explicit or implicit or a mix of both. Between 2001 and 2009 over 1000 procedures [IRIN] to repair women’s vaginas and since 2006 over 100 clitoral reconstructions were carried out by Burkina Faso hospitals. So why do the Raelians and Clitoraid choose to spend precious money on building a hospital rather than support the work already being done by local doctors, if not out of their own sense of self-importance and infantalising Africans? On her blog We Save Africa, Wanjiru Kamau-Ruttenberg comments on the lack of full financial disclosure by Clitoraid and their failure to address local cultural issues or carry out an impact study… /—/