Am I the only person here who’s legitimately concerned for the Internet multiples and fictionkin and so on?

It stops being funny when you find out that there’s a 14-year-old girl who routinely has emotional/mental breakdowns because she feels “homesick” about Hogwarts. Worse, there’s a large community on here to mollycoddle her (with a number of them at the age where they should really know better), indulging and supporting her in her extremely misguided beliefs and actions.

Someone should start an awareness campaign. The otherkinnery/multiplicity fad is actually harmful to people, and no one gives a fuck. (Trolling or mocking these people doesn’t count as giving a fuck.)

(inb4 ‘concern troll’. I won’t be swayed.)

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    Some people really need to get to know a Plural System before they start to judge. -Infantry
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    They’ve even gone as far to defend a pedophile’s “sexual orientation” and argue that it’s natural for them to be...
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    I’m sorry, sir - but this is exactly what it’s like, actually. I used to be a fictive, to be honest. When I was young...
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    > the points I made Don’t make me laugh. I wouldn’t be having a hard time, I just think it would be completely futile. I...