choice quotes from the big martyr

"but there’s like a 99.99999% probability Tumblr will delete my blog after I stood up for myself" [no one believes this, not even hir]

"kill yourself, you ableist asshole"

"…I’m just going to tell everybody who’s been harassing me non-stop and Riley non-stop to go kill themselves (and I sincerely think they should…they tell us to all the time, just not as explicitly as I’m doing it to them).” (^emphasis mine)

"Anybody who doesn’t know what being facetious is needs to go die."

"I’d rather be suspended for trying to get these fuckers off of me than to keep reporting to Tumblr and keep being harassed for standing up to them and for trying to help out a friend"

"No seriously, ridding all of you from society would be very beneficial. Go into the kitchen, get a knife, and start carving."

(Note: I do not support the reporting/deletion of ANY blogs over personal or political bickerings/so-called “harassment”.)

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